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MEE Japanese Dining

懐石 MEE 上海MIFA店

This is a Japanese-style restaurant of Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The entrance and four private rooms continue to the central stone garden. This three-dimensional gardens are the essence of space. The external entrance on the river side has a double rectangular garden that surrounds the signature and connects to the interior as it is. Furnishings, arts and antique furniture procured in Japan are focused on by narrow illumination. Matte black plaster and diatom walls spread indirect light softly, directing rich dining space.

Location _ Shanghai, Taiwan

Completion _ 2018

Program _ Japanese Dining Restaurant
Total Area _ 195 sqm

Stories _ 1

Award _ MUSE Creative Awards - Platinum Prize / US

               A' Design Award - Bronze Prize / Italy

               LICC  |  London International Creative Competition - Honorable Mention / UK

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